About epitomoi [ih-pit-uh-mwa]

How long have you been designing and what made you start?

I’ve always been fascinated with the fashion industry and design since I can remember.  I use to take apart my jewelry to make it into something I liked better or just turned it into something different when one would break. Once I became a mom, I found myself with little time to shop and find the kind of jewelry that I felt really helped define my personal style.  After the kids were tucked away at night I would search online and never truly found what I was looking for and before I knew it those same nights when the kids were in bed became nights where I would sit and design the kind of jewelry that I like to wear for myself with the quality materials that I knew would last.

The idea was to make jewelry that spoke to my individual style and make jewelry that epitomized who I was not only as a mother and professional, but also a woman who is beautiful, sexy, sophisticated and confident in myself and my style.  I would wear my pieces out in my daily life and over time people started asking me who made my bracelet or necklace and where they could find one like it.  I would tell them I designed them for myself and when asked if they could buy them from me I’d jokingly say sure you can put in an order and I’ll make you one.  It wasn’t long and I was making good on those orders and my nights after work and mom duties became nights of beads, jewels, and designing.  And Wha La Epitomoi was born.

What inspires you?

As a designer I think I draw inspiration from not only the world that that I live in but also the world that I can transform by pairing the right pieces with the right looks for an occasion.  If I am going to a music festival and want to feel bohemian and stack bracelets that feel more organic I am inspired to create those piece, or if I going to a dinner party or out for an evening and want to sparkle just a bit I can find a way to do just that.  What inspires me is being able to make pieces that stand out and truly give people the feeling that what they are wearing is unique, speaks to their own personal style and makes them standout.

Where do you see your company in a year?

I have great expectations for Epitomoi in the next year.  As demand for the jewelry has increased, production and design has been taken to the next level.  New pieces are being created everyday and inventory of the online store is growing.   Epitomoi has created a strong social presence amongst bloggers, photographers and models across social platforms which continues to help grow the brand into a recognized influence in the handmade customized jewelry market.

Why do you think people pay for your jewelry?

I think that part of the reason why people pay for my jewelry is that each piece is handmade with high quality materials.  This is something that can never be overlooked when purchasing anything but is especially important when buying jewelry.  People pay for premium quality and anything with my name on it will be just that.  If any piece is flawed I repair it for free.  I also think people are attracted to the variety of styles I create for any look and how each piece is unique in and to itself.  Nothing is mass produced so each piece literally becomes the epitome of YOU!